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location:San Francisco.

1st of November, 21 yrs


I like to wear purple ripped up converse and floral doc martens.
It was awkward trying to get a pic because we both didnt know what to do because he had to crouch so much being 6’2 and we didnt like that so he was like, “oh come here, let’s do this’ and picked me up by the waist and lifted me in his arm and we posed like that. i said “OH MY GOD THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE” and everyone around us laughed.
My friend commented later, “I love how your leg was wrapped around him.”
Finally arriving home in my apartment at 2:30 Monday morning after long flight delays didnt matter. I WAS LITERALLY IN THE ARM OF A BEAMING OLIVER SIM.
you guys, you dont understand how much I wanted him to do that. its like he read my mind. SURREAL BEYOND WORDS.
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