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1st of November, 21 yrs


I like to wear purple ripped up converse and floral doc martens.


Gemma Ward at Lanvin S/S 2006

2,000 posts!

just had to! i joined tumblr in june of 2010, has it been four years already? pretty happy that nicolaj coster waldau was my 2000th post!

Dreaming is so much better (why i day dream often, and always had ever since i could remember)


I love that point in a friendship when you get what the other person’s style is - their “thing.” You see a knit jersey tie and think of them immediately; a type of weather, a bad movie, a woman’s outfit. You know, with absolute certainty, that your friend would enjoy this thing with you more than anyone else in the world. You feel closer in that moment of recognition, even if they’re not there.


Girls don’t wear makeup to attract your shitty ass, we wear it to feel fabulous    ・゚✧(。♡‿♡。)・゚✧

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"A few years ago, I got a call on my cell phone from a twelve year old child from my village. He was calling me from a bus stop. He’d taken a bus into the city alone, and he was calling me to ask if I could help him find a way to go to school. Both of his parents had died of AIDS, and he had no money for tuition. I told him to stay where he was, and left work immediately to pick him up. At first I was very mad at him. He should not have travelled alone. But then I looked at him and I saw myself. I’d also been desperate to go to school after my father was killed, but we had no money. So even though I was suffering myself, I told him I would try to help him. My salary was not enough, so I tried many things to get the money. After work, I went to the landfill to hunt for recyclables. But after I paid to have them cleaned, there was no money left. Now I’m trying to make bricks. I have a small operation in the village to make bricks, and I sell them in the city. It doesn’t make much money, but it’s enough to pay tuition for the boy and three of his siblings.” 

(Kampala, Uganda)

This was shot 7 years ago for the “Fashion Rocks” supplement to the 2007 September issue of US Vogue/Allure/W. I remember I was in middle school and how badly i wanted to dress like this. I really adored this photo back then and still do! Strange how I am now the age of these models in the photo and thinking back to how much I wanted to be them
"In My Tribe"
ph: Steven Meisel

Man is the only creature that consumes without producing. He does not give milk, he does not lay eggs, he is too weak to pull the plough, he cannot run fast enough to catch rabbits. Yet he is lord of all the animals. He sets them to work, he gives back to them the bare minimum that will prevent them from starving, and the rest he keeps for himself.

George OrwellAnimal Farm  (via psych0candy)


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I’ve wanted to see The Killers since I was 11.. They were the first band i ever obsessed about, but I never got the chance till a couple nights ago, in an intimate venue for 500. I used to want to meet Brandon Flowers sooo much, and I got my wish that day. He was rushing and speed signing fans and about to head into his car but I managed to hand him some sunflowers. He looked surprised and said thank you, we looked at each other just smiling. He was rushing past fans and I gave him the flowers - he paused and said thank you, smiled and held my eyes . No autograph, no conversation, no photo. That made the moment. I could only smile back. Show was good but maybe i hyped it up too much. Ended up with one of B’s sweaty towels! Ha! 11 year old me would not have believed.

Last month, somebody uploaded this treasure of an old interview with Mige and Ville from their famous 2001 Rock Am Ring appearance. Hard to believe this was 13 years ago!